PG Khan Kluay
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The Blue Elephant

USA Release Date on DVD:
Classification: PG (for thematic elements and some battle action)
Storyline: Khankluay is a young elephant who lives his carefree life in a forest, but he’s always wondering of his lost father whom he’s never met. Inspired by the intention to search for his father, Khankluay leaves the forest and sets his journey to the bigger world. His journey brings such an extraordinary adventure to him. He’s experienced so many lessons of life, and finds real friends. Finally, Khankluay becomes a mature elephant who’s so brave and powerful, but has a gentle heart. He fights for the king and country until his courage becomes a legend.
Directed By: Kompin Kemgumnird
Runtime: 79 minutes
Distributor: Genius Products
CARA Certificate #: 44513
Animated Khan Kluay (2008) Trailer:
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