NR As Aventuras do Pequeno Colombo
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The Adventures of Little Colombo

USA Release Date on DVD:
Storyline: In The Adventures of Little Colombo, which opens in Brazil on December 10, with distribution Paris Movies and Downtown Filmes, the boy Chris (Christopher Columbus) and your Leo friends (Leonardo da Vinci) and Lisa (Monalisa) will find more fantastic adventure of their lives in search of the treasures of the legendary Island Hi-Brazil, to save his father from bankruptcy. They will discover facts ignored by medieval science, through a secret society and will fight against a fearsome monster, Nautilus and an army of Tritons, mermaids and other creatures of the underwater city Atlantis.
Directed By: Rodrigo Gava
Runtime: 88 minutes
Animated As Aventuras do Pequeno Colombo (2015) Trailer:
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