Storks deliver new moments worth paying for trailer


The Industry Trust for IP Awareness and Warner Bros. Pictures UK have launched the latest Moments Worth Paying For trailer, a collaboration on family animation Storks.

The trailer shines a light on the big screen and the emotional roller-coaster that moments worth paying for deliver, making us laugh, cry and jump for joy.

The Storks trailer is an important addition to this year’s education and awareness campaign, enabling the Industry Trust to reach young people with copyright education messages, ensuring they understand and value creative content.

Independent tracking research from ICM, commissioned by the Industry Trust, reveals that children as young as 11 are infringing content with a third (33%) of 11-12 year olds downloading and streaming unauthorised content. It’s vital to reach this young audience before the tipping point of infringement (identified by ICM as 16 years old).

Conversely, the 11-15-year-old group are leading consumption of paid-for digital content, which has seen a huge increase since 2014 (up 13% to 82% of those who access authorised digital content).

The campaign aims to ensure this young audience recognises the positive impact of watching legal sources and associates this with the value of creativity. The inspirational approach of the campaign resonates well with this audience group where over two thirds (68%) of those exposed to the campaign agreed that the film is best to be seen in the cinema.

Check out the trailer below:
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