PG Star Wars The Clone Wars
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Star Wars: The Clone Wars

USA Release Date on DVD:
Classification: PG (for sci-fi action violence throughout, brief language and momentary smoking)
Storyline: As the Clone Wars sweep through the galaxy, the heroic Jedi Knights struggle to maintain order and restore peace. More and more systems are falling prey to the forces of the dark side as the Galactic Republic slips further and further under the sway of the Separatists and their never-ending droid army. Anakin Skywalker and his Padawan learner Ahsoka Tano find themselves on a mission with far-reaching consequences, one that brings them face-to-face with crime lord Jabba the Hutt. But Count Dooku and his sinister agents, including the nefarious Asajj Ventress, will stop at nothing to ensure that Anakin and Ahsoka fail at their quest.
Directed By: Dave Filoni
Runtime: 98 minutes
Distributor: Warner Bros. Pictures Inc.
CARA Certificate #: 44445
Animated Star Wars The Clone Wars (2008) Trailer:
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