NR Chokorêto andâguraundo
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Chocolate Underground

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Storyline: When chocolate is banned, two friends start a bootlegging operation. Enter Huntly and Smudger, two young boys who used to hang around Ms. Bubby’s sweets store just to catch a glimpse of the lovely Louise. Since the new law was passed, the store, once a lively place, had become destitute. Louise tips off the boys to a fledgling business involving the distribution of bootlegged chocolate. As they make their way to the secret mine of chocolate ingredients, they come across a mysterious code. After successfully decoding the cipher, the boys enter the illegal dealer’s headquarters. Inside, they are pleasantly surprised by the commencement of a Chocolate Party! Hunter and Smudger are blissfully reunited with the taste of chocolate again. But the party is abruptly cut short by the presence of the Chocolate Police. As people flee in all directions the boys’ friend Div is captured by the officials!
Directed By: Takayuki Hamana
Runtime: 87 minutes
Animated Chokorêto andâguraundo (2009) Trailer:
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