Movies are a great way to get a few minutes of escapism and entertainment. If you have kids, then you need to find titles of good children movies release so you can find flicks that you can all watch together. If you're heading out to the cinema, check the local showings by checking the ads in the paper. This way, you can find the schedule of the what kid movies are out, so you can make it in time to watch the new kids films that you want to see. Another way to find top list of family films is to get the phone number of your favorite theater and call the pace up. Ask if there are any PG rated movies release and get the showing times of new kid movies out now.

The Internet is another great resource you can use. You have several options if using the Internet. First, you can go straight to the website of specific old/classic or new movies for kids that you want to see with your family. The official website of a movie will give you the showing date. Another option is for you to do in Internet search if you're not sure about specific titles of new release kids movies out now. In the search box of your search engine, type in "new kids movies" and see what options you come up with. You can also check out the local listings and showing times of new kids movies in theaters near your home online. On the other hand, if you prefer the convenience of watching from your own home, you can still find many great

new kids movies on dvd

HD in the blu-ray format. The videos usually come out a few months after the movie has been shown in the cinema. There will be advertising for it. Check out your favorite electronics store, target and other places where you can buy DVD's to find current kids movies on DVD and make gift to your childrens.

Released Movies

31.12.2016 Sly Cooper
21.12.2016 Sing
17.12.2016 Animal Crackers
14.12.2016 Ballerina
29.11.2016 Rock Dog
23.11.2016 Moana
15.11.2016 Gnomes & Trolls 2: The Forest Trial
04.11.2016 Trolls
19.10.2016 My Life as a Zucchini
18.10.2016 Ozzy: Fast and Furry
08.10.2016 Howard Lovecraft & the Frozen Kingdom
23.09.2016 Storks
20.09.2016 Elephant Kingdom
14.09.2016 The Red Turtle
09.09.2016 Ted Sieger's Molly Monster
19.08.2016 Kubo and the Two Strings
19.08.2016 Throne of Elves
12.08.2016 Sausage Party
12.08.2016 Pete's Dragon
02.08.2016 Your Name
29.07.2016 Ping Pong Rabbit
22.07.2016 Ice Age: Collision Course
20.07.2016 The Adventures of Little Colombo
15.07.2016 Snow White's New Adventure
08.07.2016 The Secret Life of Pets
08.07.2016 Big Fish & Begonia
03.07.2016 Winter Spirits
01.07.2016 The BFG
17.06.2016 Finding Dory